Goodbye Summer

Since the last time I posted early July, our family has taken two trips — both driving distance to other Colorado cities. Nothing extreme, but an opportunity to take the girls out and about. Now as I write this, we are in mid-September and Colorado has seen its first snow.

Labor Day Weekend in Colorado Springs:

Avon/Vail, Colorado in Mid-July

I realize this post would be much more helpful if I provided some information about traveling on these two trips, but I really don’t have that much to say about them. We were happy to be able to get out of our normal routines and actually dine out again. But at the same time, it just wasn’t the same. And we were of course, cautious and timid, in everything we were doing.

The world is different now. Masks every where we go. Keeping a distance from other individuals. A lot of stores/businesses are still closed. It’s a little depressing to know that things will likely never be the same again (or at least for a very long time).

But we are really proud of the little ones in our family for being extra careful about the virus — wearing their masks and washing their hands a LOT. Hoping that 2021 gives us some good news.

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Babymoon + First Family Vacation to Catalina Island

At 31 weeks pregnant, my husband suggested one last ‘hoorah’ before the baby’s arrival. With our friends and their adorable four-month old baby, we planned a short two-day, one-night trip to Catalina Island for a babymoon slash first family vacation. It was mid-January so the weather was about 70 degrees by day and a chilly, windy 50 degrees at night. For context, no one was laying out on the beach.

First things first, you may be familiar with “Santa Catalina Island,” but the City of Avalon is where you are going! It is the only incorporated city on the island and considered the southernmost city in Los Angeles County (with a population of less than 4,000). Here are some things we did and tips for new parents and pregnant women:

1) Take the Catalina Express to the Island

There are a few ferry options to get to Catalina Island. We chose to drive up from San Diego to the Downtown Long Beach port. 

  • A round-trip (RT) adult fare is $73.50 (or $36.75 one-way).
  • Children ages 2-11 are $58 RT and there’s a cost even for infants (under age 2) of $5 RT.
  • The ferries leave about every 4 hours beginning at 6AM and the last boat at 5:45PM. The ride is a little over one hour (60 minutes).

TIP: Don’t wait last minute to buy your ticket. Book online! Since there wasn’t a discount to purchase the RT ticket, we waited to buy our one-way tickets back from Avalon to Long Beach, but the ferry time we were hoping for SOLD OUT! We couldn’t get on the 3:50PM ferry and took the 7:30PM instead, arrived back at Long Beach around 8:45PM before driving two hours back to San Diego. The schedule was a bit rough for the baby!
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