The SNOO Smart Bassinet

Many would say that the SNOO was our robo nanny who helped put our baby to sleep. This is true with its rocking and white noise features, but for the most part, our baby was quite stubborn and she could overpower the SNOO when she wanted to.

We’ve officially transitioned our baby into a crib at 5 months old so I’m writing this to share our experience with the SNOO. This is not a review of the $1200 product (which I read dozens of when we first got it in search of tips). Luckily for us, a sweet mommy friend saw our struggle for sleep with Everly and let us borrow her SNOO. So we can’t really weigh in on if it’s worth the cost, but can share that many parents resell the SNOO once they are done using it so you could likely find a cheaper, used one! Or go for the rental!

We picked up the SNOO on Christmas Day 2019. Everly was 7 weeks at the time which the company says it takes longer for an older baby to adjust to it versus a newborn who started in the SNOO at birth. This picture shows the very first time she slept in it. Note: the swaddle should be pulled down a lot more so that it can be zipped up all the way. We weren’t placing her high enough in the bassinet.

Everly’s first night in the SNOO at 7 weeks

At 7 weeks, she was waking every 3 hours to feed (sometimes 2.5 hours). I was nursing and my husband would help feed a bottle here and there. Prior to the SNOO, we swaddled her every night and then placed her in a Snuggle Nest on the bed with us. She didn’t love it! So sometimes we let her sleep on the bed and one of us would sleep on the floor. It was a struggle those first weeks trying to get a routine going. Every night (and every day) was different.

The SNOO provided us not only a routine but a consistent place to put her for naps and bedtime. Eventually she got very used to it and could fall asleep right away. The SNOO really does help parents get some extra time to themselves as there were many times the rocking could comfort/soothe her back to sleep. Sometimes it wouldn’t last long but you could get an additional 20 minutes!

As she hit four months though, she was always breaking out of the swaddle. We even bought a new swaddle in hopes that the Velcro would stay on better. But no, her arms would break free of the swaddle no matter what we tried. By 4.5 months, we knew it was time to transition her out of the SNOO. She was starting to fuss as soon as she knew she was getting placed it and also slam her legs down (which I found out later that other SNOO moms called this the whale tail). She was also waking up several times a night which could also have been attributed to the 4 month sleep regression but we’re not sure.

Weaning by starting with one arm free

Weaning was hard! It took probably two weeks for us to get a routine down for her to sleep in her crib. We started by letting one of her arms out of the swaddle but she would still startle herself awake and often run her face (which was extra bad because she had ezcema on her cheeks that got worse because of her free hands). We eventually let both arms out and turned off the motion of the SNOO. Then finally moved her into her crib. She is 5.5 months old now and officially sleeping better in her crib.

One of her last night’s in the SNOO at 5 months

Overall, Everly slept in the SNOO for 16 weeks. It doesn’t seem like a long time but you really do appreciate the extra sleep it provides. It also gave us more time to spend with our two year old. And most importantly, we really do have a happy baby!!! Learn more at http://www.happiestbaby.com.

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