Starting Daycare

At 15 months, Cadence started daycare. Both my nephews had started after they turned one and I saw the many positive aspects — interacting with peers, learning in a classroom environment, and gaining some independence from parents. Even still, I was anxious and a bit reluctant to have Cadence start so early.

Unfortunately, I was no longer able to keep working with her at home. She is a needy toddler, who needs constant attention (don’t they all)! So even though I was working from home, it was pretty much impossible to get anything done! We initially started her in a daycare part time for only two days a week. This daycare (which I should really write a review for) was a very low budget center. At the time, Danny and I thought this was fine. But we soon realized that everything about this place was just sad. Sad teachers who didn’t care to be there. Sad parents who couldn’t find a better daycare (that didn’t have waitlists). And most of all, a sad Cadence every time we would drop her off and pick her up. So much tears! Even for mama! I remember dropping her off one time and just weeping in my car, feeling so guilty leaving my baby at this place!

Only three weeks here, we decided to pull her out. I researched a dozen daycares and all of them had waitlists. Unexpectedly, an opportunity opened up for her to enroll at a Primrose. These are franchised daycare centers with incredible, well-researched curriculums and pediatrician-approved meal plans. The best part was that my nephew would attend this daycare as well!

The downfall was that Primrose only offered full time schedules, so we had to make the decision to start taking her Monday-Friday, which also was significantly more expensive. The cost overall was higher and also the distance was further from our home. But… It was the best decision we could have made. The teachers here are so attentive and give so much love to Cadence. They take photos and send us updates throughout the day. And we can see Cadence genuinely learning from her experiences there — painting, reading, singing, bubbles, she loves it all. After about two weeks, no more crying at dropoffs.

And now I’m feeling much more productive as a mom who works from home (MWWFH).

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