Denver to San Diego and Back

Being blessed with a smooth pregnancy, we were doomed to have a newborn that would challenge us. With little sleep and no space in the house, things got hard. Without a nursery for Cadence, she has always slept with us. But she quickly outgrew her snuggle nest (on the bed with us) and her bassinet (next to our bed). Soon, we’ll be packing away the pack-and-play. And then where shall she go?

When Cadence turned six months, we decided we needed to move out. We eagerly researched homes and mortgage loans, but our aggressive search only lasted a few weeks. To our humbling dismay, we realized we didn’t have the financial means to buy a home in San Diego. Let’s say we moved into a half-a-million dollar home (on the low end), we’d be stuck with monthly payments we couldn’t afford. And we checked our privilege. We are two able-bodied, educated, working professionals with two incomes–not to mention one of us is a doctor. Doesn’t that mean anything? Oh yes, it means a heap of student loan debt. Don’t get me started on how he trapped my ass (in the words of Ali Wong).

The bank did approve us for $500k+ but we would essentially be living out of our means without the ability to save. We asked each other, do we want to stay in California and hustle? Or move back to Colorado and actually be able to enjoy our lives as a growing family?

The answer was simple. Yet it was hard.

The culmination of many conversations, amongst ourselves and with friends and family was the decision to move back to Denver.

So here we go. Two years later, we are coming full circle and planning our return trip. Still in love but humbled. And since we now have a beautiful baby in tow, there will be less scenic stops this time.

Thank you for all the life lessons, San Diego. You’re beautiful and we will be back for you.

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