Baby Updates

2 Month Baby Update

This post originally began as Cadence’s one month update but time flew by and I wasn’t able to finish the post in time. Now Cadence is two months! And just like that I’m back to work. I was only able to take 8 weeks for maternity leave! Wah! Here’s the little babe:


The first night we took Cadence home, she slept great! We have her in a cosleeper next to our bed. We were supposed to wake her up every 3 hours to feed but generally, she would wake up on her own for feedings. After the first night, sleep was a little rough for the coming weeks. At around 7 weeks, Cadence started sleeping longer, waking up only once around 1am – 2am to feed. Because my milk didn’t come in until day 5 or so, we were already having to feed her formula and she was taking a bottle from the very beginning. So Danny and I would take turns with the night feedings. I so appreciate him for helping with these especially after hearing that other dads didn’t have to when mothers were exclusively breastfeeding. Also, Danny only took one week off in the beginning and immediately went back to work so I knew he was often exhausted in the middle of the night too.


Nursing, pumping, washing bottles. Repeat. My schedule seems to revolve around feeding. I almost never left the house in those first weeks because between nursing and pumping, how was there time for anything else?

After two visits to the lactation consultant, we found out Cadence had tongue and lip tie. We clipped both at around 4 weeks, which we were told would help prevent future speech impediments (tongue) and possible gapped front teeth (lip). It would also help with breastfeeding.

The following weeks, we had to do several exercises to a) ensure both the lip and tongue would heal properly and the tissue wouldn’t grow back and b) work on Cadence’s sucking skills.

While I could usually get her to latch, it was very painful because she would barely open her mouth (shallow latch). After taking her to a breastfeeding support group, I found out she wasn’t transferring milk well either. So now if I nurse, I always follow up with a bottle of pumped breast milk. And I’m pumping around the clock. Two middle of the night pumps still and pretty exhausted.

Mama’s Body.

Luckily I’m healing well and my stitches look as though “they never even happened,” says my OB. I gained 40 pounds during pregnancy and I have about 10 pounds left before getting to pre-pregnancy weight. No stretch marks but still have the linea negra (although lighter). Amazing what our bodies can do. Quite miraculous.

Life is good. Loving all the little things.

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