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Our Mastursery: Baby’s Nursery in Master Bedroom

8 weeks until our due date and the nesting instinct is kicking in! Wanted to write a blog post about our “mastursery” which is a term used for a nursery in the master bedroom.

Since Danny and I currently live in San Diego with his family, we don’t have an extra nursery room for Baby Cadence. But we are fortunate to have the master bedroom which gives us plenty to work with. We just have to get creative with the shared space!


You can see our room boasts a mix of colors thrown together because we were given a lot of hand-me-down furniture and toys (thank you, we’ll take it all!). Also wanted to show a real representation of how the room looks compared to some other photos where the room looks bare/minimalistic with all colors coordinated perfectly. Not sure how first time parents are able to achieve that perfect Pinterest look on a budget. For us, we are working with what we got! We also still have up our wedding photos which are interspersed with the baby decor.


Cosleeping: Lets start with the bed. We’ll be cosleeping with baby Cadence in this Snuggle Nest Infant Sleeper (a present from her godmother). There are two vented wall units that serve as a barrier between the baby and parents for safety. She will most likely sleep in between us and we can easily transport the sleeper downstairs during the day (when Danny’s mom helps us watch her). It folds in half for easy portability and has a light that turns on at the top. It is similar to the Dockatot but a lot cheaper. Next to the bed, we do have a used Pack N Play given to us that we will eventually use, and also a baby bouncer. The toy chest against the wall is one of these Tot Tutors Storage Organizers given to us by my sister. It’s already filled with lots of toys that my nephews no longer play with.


Nursery Wall: Seemed like the baby needed one wall dedicated to her. (That’s all she gets in a mastursery!). Love these floating wall shelves that came in a set of three (we didn’t use the smallest size). We put up decor used at our wedding (leaf garland, Love sign), as well as a photo frame of an ultrasound, a rustic sign that reads “lets grow together,” some stuffed animals, a small pair of shoes and a teething toy. The highlight is of course the “Hello Cadence!” sign given to us by a friend from an Etsy designer. It really personalizes the wall! (You can see the word “Baby!” on the bookcase).

DSC00662 DSC00665

Bookcase and Dresser: The bookcase/cube organizer was given to us by my sister. It features a combo of our adult books, as well as children’s books we’ve been given so far. The humidifier which we’ve started using was recommended on baby registries, so we added it. And our cousin sent it to us! The bottom shelf includes a baby food maker and home safety kit (things we will use much later). And at this point, those blue and green bins are empty.

The white IKEA dresser is home to our clothes. On top, we have some necessity items: vitamins, belly butter, my wedding ring (that I stopped wearing due to the inevitable bulging of fingers). Again, we kept up photos of us as a reminder of how this new chapter all begin.
DSC00661Master Office: Since we do not have an extra room for an office, we have this desk and ‘printing station’ in the corner where we both work. There’s a wall calendar and dry erase board hanging with reminders for upcoming checkups and a handful of holidays cards from friends and family. The “It’s a Girl” balloon was from our gender reveal that we repurposed as wall decor. I’m trying to sit primarily on the exercise ball (to prepare for labor). The three-drawer dresser is where we’re keeping Cadence’s clothes, accessories and swaddle blankets.


Glider/Rocking Chair: We are very fortunate to have enough space in the room to have a glider and ottoman (rocking chair). This was one thing I think my sister could have really used when she was nursing both my nephews. We put it on our registry and boom! It arrived at our doorstep. We both sit on it a lot already! Danny’s cousin gave us a used one that we’ve placed in the living room for others to use when holding or feeding the baby.


View outside: The window in our room looks straight into the backyard. We still have this huge wall decoration up from our gender reveal. Our cousin spraypainted the backdrop to say “Little He or Little She.” A fun reminder every time we look outside, but it’s probably time to put up something new!

Not pictured: I threw any extra items and clutter into the closet and bathroom. Haha. Shh. Downstairs we’ve taken over some of the living room with a kids playmat on the ground, deep freezer and changing table. Thankful that the whole house is supportive of baby Cadence coming soon… we’ll ask how everyone feels once the sleepless nights begin.

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